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August 15, 2012

Blog Media Kit

This blog is an oldie having been around since 2009.

Recently it was used by a brand to promote it's service as the brand did not yet have content management capability for it's own site. This meant  updates as news, communications, e-learning support for their clients, programmes, training etc could not be provided on their own site at that time. This blog was used to support that organisation. It was a workaround and extremely challenging to integrate.

However it is now back to blogging about everything healthcare and story. We have updated our header and blogger colours to freshen the blog and in keeping with our own branding. Love how easy it is to do with blogger templates.

We have also put in place guidelines for any future sponsored posts, product endorsements and if I agree brand ambassador roles etc. I only focus on health, medical, lifestyle and wellbeing. Health promotion and patient activism is welcome.

However, please do not assume I will write a sponsored post about your brand. I get several dozen a week and discard most of them. Please consult my media kit for further information before you send me an email with your ideas, details etc. If circumstances change with regard to posts I have written then a post is updated according to blogger protocol.

If you wish to contact me regarding services that I provide those details can be found on my personal website www.kathiemelocco.net.au

In the meantime, I will be taking a break from this blog but hopefully will be back soon with an occasional story or two.

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August 10, 2012

Medicine and the power of narrative in delivering connection and empathy

The true power of a story - A surgeon treats a patient with almost no chance of recovery. He discovers the power of the bond between a mother and her son. You won't forget this story - told with medical precision, passion and empathy, watch how you connect with this healthcare story.

Dr. Murat Gunel is the Chief and Neurovascular Surgery Program Co-director, at the Yale Program on Neurogenetics at the Yale School of Medicine.

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