Health care practitioners often ask me why would I want to participate in social media when I have a website, that's good enough. In this age of connection participating in social media is no longer an option for communicating with your communities but a vital part of maintaining your KOL profile as well as the significant impact it has upon search. Known as Social Media Optimization, (SMO) has the potential to lead to increased traffic to your site and that's great news if you also have developed a passive income stream for your practice such as selling useful ebooks and fact sheets that will be of great value for your patients.

Statistically speaking, friends generally have same tastes so they are a perfect target group in terms of 'leads'. SMO also leads to improved search engine optimization. SMO services not only mean boosting your social website presence for your brand, it can also leverage social networks of others.

Needless to say it has become more than important to integrate social media into your website and marketing plan.

What do Social Media Optimization Services include?

Foruming - SMO helps you to become an active member of the most used forums. These forums are related to your business and target market

Blog Marketing - This is a great way to increase traffic towards your website. Blog marketing builds your online identity and gives you a brand name

Article writing and submission - Article writing is a tool that creates a brand value for you. It proves your expertise and gives you an edge over other sites. Well-written articles is another useful service to drive customers to your website

Press Release Writing - Writing press releases is a powerful way to boost your online presence. The more creative your writing, the more chance you stand of attracting customers. Distributing these press releases to various news portals is the next step towards increasing your brand value

Creating accounts on various Social Media Networking - Social Media Optimization makes use of the social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and YouTube. These platforms fetch excellent business leads

Video Optimization - Video optimization is a part of search engine optimization and is a great way to boost your online presence and brand to users who are not yet familiar with your brand and services.

Here are a few Social Media Optimization tips

    Have a Twitter feed - A good option is to incorporate Twitter stream into your website. This helps keep readers glued to your website. Thus putting your tweets directly on your webpage is an innovative way to attract visitors

    Be a part of Facebook - This goes without saying! Facebook has become an integral part of our life and is regarded as one of the best service amongst various Social Media Optimization Services. So set up your website with Facebook connect and increase visitor count.

    'Centralize' your website - Incorporate your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content on your website and make it a centralized hub. Put reviews, feeds and comments by your fans here.

    Use Analytics - Analytics are a great tool to keep your website 'on its toes'! It means it helps you know if you are overdoing your social media optimization efforts. It helps keep track of users visiting your website and you can find out exactly what they are doing out there. For e.g. reading content or watching videos

Social Media Optimization Services is one of the most sought after services in today's Internet savvy world especially for promotion of products and services. Thus the right social media optimization services will make your site social and the most visited one!