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March 24, 2013

Bloggers Beware of Brands Using You To Health Wash #KFCKidsMeals

My friend, influential mum blogger Jessica Gottlieb alerted twittverse to this breaking cyber backlash yesterday. You may recall Jessica shared an excellent case study with us all at Healthivate about the #motrinmoms fiasco by J& J.

Brands who try to play in the health space must be careful not to misrepresent their facts. It doesn't matter if you are KFC, a tube of toothpaste or a startup, the issues are all the same. Using bloggers children to push your message is just wrong!

If you missed Jessica's story, here's a recap:

KFC Uses Blogger’s Kids to Promote Healthy Kids Meals #KFCKidsMeals

KFC Healthy kids meals

Bloggers have a number of intangible assets but arguably the most valuable of all is their integrity. Much like virginity you get to lose your integrity just once. Today some bloggers are flirting with a loss of integrity after promoting the #KFCKidsMeals hashtag and trying to convince their audiences that KFC has healthy meals for kids.

Of course twitter is too smart for the faux low calorie message.

And a robust discussion ensued. You can view the full story from Jessica here.

Marketers want the mum bloggers at their events to be their advocates because the mum bloggers are smart, savvy and influential. Marketers are going to have to wake up and remember that they’re dealing with a smart, savvy and influential community. 

And for bloggers don't be persuaded into thinking just because a brand has approached you for a sponsored post or to help them their motives are anything other than on the end game - MONEY! Do your own homework, you are not a marketer, but check out whatever you are asked to represent, go for a wander on their website, does the promise match the product or is it health washing. Look behind the story, who stands to gain?

Bloggers use your voice wisely and say NO to your children being used as a brand's mouthpiece or photographed representing a product you haven't thoroughly checked out.

About Jessica Gottlieb
One of the World’s Most Influential ‘Mummy Bloggers’ with one million page views per month. She has traveled with Oprah Winfrey, met with President Clinton and appeared on CNN, CBS, Fox News, Dr. Phil, Wendy Williams and more while talking about the intersection of parenting, health and technology.

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